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"CREATING is HAPPINESS and I have a deep passion to all my creative pursuits.  like life itself, I spend my time trying to balance all the different aspects of creating as inpiration strikes.

i am a self-taught, ECO-ARTIST finding inspiration in unique canvases that often begin as discards on the street.  by reinventing these “canvases” as artwork, i play with the perception of need and want, thereby questioning recyclability.   i have a head for pop-culture and an eye for graphics.    my work, like my lineage, has eastern influences and a western mindset. i consider it a gift to see the beauty in the everyday, to realize the potential in the unwanted, and to be able to appreciate the imperfect.   my art is often fused with my personal brand of poetry written in my own modern calligraphy because i am fascinated and truly believe in the power of words.
with my love for words, the natural progression is songwriting. music has always been another source of inspiration and enjoyment. my music has been featured in indie films, and licensed for special projects. although lyrics and melodies are my forte, music is a collaborative effort and i have had the pleasure of working with many talented producers.

as a model, i have worked with many top photographers such as: annie liebowitz, arthur elgort, peter lindburg, nathaniel goldberg and have been featured in numerous national and international ad campaigns.

as an actor, my experiences have been varied. from a leading man to an extra; tv and film to commercials and industrials. my intent is and has always been to expand diversity in all forms of media, and for that my multi-talents have served me well.

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